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The gun battle lasted less than ten minutes – panicked the gang members who had been keeping watched dashed to and fro amid bullets and rocks that arced through the air as locals fought with anything to hand. When it was over robbers Clell Miller and Bill Chadwell lay dead in the street.

Bookkeeper Joseph Heywood had a bullet in his head and another local had been killed in the frenzy outside.

While his wife wept by her dying husband’s side Bob and Charley Ford, Mr Gardner writes: ‘Quickly grabbed their hats and also Jesse’s revolvers and gun belt and hurried off for the town’s only telegraph office.

The telegram was addressed to Thomas Crittenden, Governor of Missouri who had placed a ,000 reward on Jesse, dead - ,000 if he was taken alive but no-one really believed Jesse James would be taken alive.

If you were of a pop culture-loving age in the early 2000s, of course you remember that beautiful soul. In addition to being on the wildly-popular Disney Channel teen sitcoms , he was a legit pop artist. Clearly, singing and songwriting is in the 30-year-old's bones, because, over the years, Jesse has stayed faithful to music.

You know you had "Beautiful Soul" and "Right Where You Want Me" on repeat. How different is 2017 Jesse Mc Cartney from early aughts Jesse? In 2013, Jesse joined the Backstreet Boys and Pauly D on their tour "In a World Like This." That same year, he released the single from his album, , "Back Together." The rest of the album was released the following year.

The picture is signed by Jesse James Jr who inherited the gun after his father's death in 1882 They had chosen the Minnesota town because it was small and thought to be peaceable but most importantly there was only one bank and recent newspaper stories had reported that a new safe and time lock and two heavy doors for the vault had just been added to First National’s building. They reasoned the threat of a gun would be enough to persuade most men to unlock a vault.

The two had no problem showing off some pretty PG PDA like holding hands and walking very, very close to each other as they ran their errands.Our gallery sections: Amateur Pictures, Voyeur Sneaks, Hardcore Pictures.If you have a credit card (VISA, Discover, JCB) or if you can pay by online check (only US customers), you can use our traditional safe and secure payment provider CCBill.com!Jesse still plays shows and occasionally tours today, as well.For the past five years, Jesse has been dating actress/model Katie Laura Peterson.The gang’s haul totalled just .60 ‘in coin and crip.’Ford cut James down as he stood to adjust a picture in the parlour of his home.


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