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The size of the centre will determine the number of Team Leaders and additional support roles.

Overview In principle, this role is to handle telephone calls on behalf of an organisation, to fulfil customer requirements.

Instead, factors like the nature of the company behind the call centre and the Advisor’s personality are likely to influence the roles that they might perform.

Or, as is the case in many call centres, Advisors may be blended, i.e. However, if the roles are split, a call centre advisor who is primarily involved in selling may typically earn a lower base salary than those who provide customer service.

Also, many contact centres would view a Team Leader who is tech-savvy as a significant bonus, with a knowledge of relevant computer programs and telephone software.

Speaking another language and being a good negotiator may also be helpful, depending on the nature of the organisation.

Overview This is the person who is ultimately responsible for the overall performance and budget of the centre.

Advisors are often referred to by other names, including: Agents, Customer Service Representatives and Associates.

Additional Information It is worth noting that an individual Advisor in unlikely to perform all of the duties listed above.

For example, Team Leaders are also expected to meet on a regular basis with their Manager, both to provide feedback and to receive instructions or actions.

A general list of duties, including keeping Advisors informed of what is happening in the centre and anything that may affect them, is listed below. Additional Information Despite the long list of duties that make up the job description, it is also not uncommon for Team Leaders to get involved in the recruitment of new Advisors or to work on specific projects for the centre.


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