Validating the unit correctness of spreadsheet programs

synthesis follows the Single-file compilation unit (SFCU) method to select compilation unit files.

In SFCU, each file is a compilation unit, file order is irrelevant, and the macro is only defined until the end of the file.

Except for the top-level of the design where permitted, ensure that your RTL does not depend on this type of parameter passing. Ensure that your RTL code does not use unsized constants for WYSIWYG instantiation.

For example, specify a sized literal, such as 2'b11, rather than '1.

Alternatively, you can create a project revision or project copy to manually compare various project settings and design combinations.project directory contains a variety of source and settings files, compilation database files, output, and report files.You can archive these files using the Archive feature and save the archive for later use or place it under revision control.Each revision captures a unique set of project settings and constraints, but does not capture any logic design file changes.Use revisions to experiment with different settings while preserving the original.For example, optimize one project to interface with a 32-bit data bus, and optimize a project copy to interface with a 64-bit data bus.


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